3 Easy Tips To Catapult Your Sales Email Open Rates

Nothing can kill your spirit like sending sales email and they remain unopened. It is a sign that your email campaign is not working. However, there are a few things you can change and gain more from your future campaigns. While there are many things you can do to catapult your sales email open rates; there are 3 outstanding tips that will change and increase your success. Read on and see what you must do to change how you email campaign is doing.

The Subject Line Should Capture Attention

The subject line of your sales email is important. Almost 50% of email recipients will open an email based on how catchy the subject line is and almost 70% of the recipients will mark your email as span judging from its subject line. However, do not fool people with a unique subject line; it should tell the recipients what to expect in the email. By being honest, you will increase sales emails open rates. Readers feel cheated by a catchy topic only to find a totally different story in the email. You can use creativity to spice up the subject line and readers will be interested in your emails. To come up with an excellent subject line, follow these simple rules:

  • Get a simple subject line. Be more direct and avoid complexity. Avoid capital letters and much punctuation. It will make your email look like unprofessional.
  • Don’t be sneaky; let the subject line tell the readers what the email is about. Be personal by adding the recipient’s name as craft the subject line.
  • Avoid buzz words such as “help”, “free” or “reminder”. They look spammy and a huge to put off to most readers.
  • Check what works for you. See which subject lines that had higher open rates and create similar ones in your future email campaigns.
  • Create subject lines that can be read even on mobile phones. They should be short and precise.

Avoid The Spam Folder as Much As Possible

Ending up in the spam folder is discouraging and if you are not careful most of your emails may not reach in the inbox let alone be opened. You need to follow some simple rules that guide you on the best email practices and you will avoid the spam folder.

Some emails are sent to the spam folder directly by spam filters because they look sketchy. So you need to know and avoid the suspicious formatting. Other things that can make your email end up being labeled spam are missing information such as address or an unsubscribe option. This is the evaluation used in getting a spam score for various emails. If your email scores higher than what is acceptable, it is flagged and marked as spam. It is the end of your email because it will never be opened.

Use personalized meta-data to catapult chances of the email reaching your intended recipient. Spam filters will let a more personalized email go through because it means you have a connection. You can also have the recipient add you in their address book.

Get tools to help you scan the email and determine its spam score before you send it. Examples of such tools are Postmark, mail-tester and ISnotSpam among others.

Never Buy An Email List

This is straightforward because most email service providers will not allow you to use purchased email lists. It also increases your chances of sales emails being marked as spam or abuse. The rate of bouncing increases and it goes without saying that the open rates will be very low. It is not worth buying email lists; the risks are many. Grow your own email list through genuine marketing plans that will help you get genuine subscribers.

With an appealing subject line and a genuine email list, you will increase your open rates. Follow the simple rules when writing the email and it will not be marked as spam.

Remember to be honest and give sound advice to the readers. Also, be sure to send the emails on time and include relevant information all the time. By doing this, you will catapult your sales email open rates. Through this you will have catapulted your sales email open rates.

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