3 Interesting Reasons Why Account-Based Marketing May Not Be Enough

The issue of account-based marketing has resulted in a heated debate among business people. The debate has been all about how successful this method is and whether it can be used as the only marketing strategy to boost sales. If we may define account-based marketing we may term it as a marketing strategy aimed usually best for b2b marketing. Unlike in other methods where sales teams aim to get more customers, in this method, they only target the fit accounts and if possible, they turn them to prospective customers.

This marketing strategy may work very well for some businesses. However, it may be hard for others to implement and make a profit from it. Below we are going to analyze account-based-marketing and focus on how this method may not be used as the only marketing strategy. This method may not as well be suitable for all types of businesses.

You need unique content for each account. As mentioned earlier, in this strategy, sales teams only focus on fit accounts rather than individual clients. Here comes the challenge, when those huge accounts are identified, it, therefore, remains the sole duty of the marketer to identify the best message for that particular account. In other marketing strategies, it’s quite possible for multiple content.

This is made possible by the fact that you are not targeting a specific client or business. The main reason why data multiplication is not possible in this marketing strategy is that each account has its uniqueness. It is, therefore, the task of the sales team to conduct research on the accounts they have identified. In return, they are required to create content that matches the account. As much as it may sound modernized, this method may be labor intensive. It is important to attest that creation of content for millions of accounts that business tends to turn to customers may not be a simple task. It even becomes worse if the account targeted was not turned up by the content and so the aim of them becoming customers was not achieved.

ABM strategy doesn’t work with so many accounts With unique content creation for each account, this strategy may not focus on so many accounts. This is because an operation of these accounts is not quite possible. Therefore, this method does limit the number of the accounts that a business may focus on. This limitation may not work positively for all types of businesses. It is important to note that, this will depend on the type of the business.

Unlike other marketing strategies which are likely to work for all types of businesses, this method may be ideal for only some businesses. However, if a business has various campaigns, this marketing strategy may work for some campaigns. This means that there is still room to incorporate other marketing strategies in the same business. This proves beyond a reasonable doubt that this strategy may not be enough for a business. A need may arise which will lead to the introduction of other strategies.

It Is Quite Hard To Measure The Success Of ABM

In any marketing strategy, results are quite important. The success of any campaign is measured considering some factors. Feedback is one of the best tools for measuring the success of any marketing strategy. However, in strategies that you don’t get any feedback, it may be a challenge to measure the success of such a campaign. Account-based marketing strategy is not any better. Well, you may target those fit accounts but there are those who will not show any response to your content.

With the complexity of this strategy and the investment one may need to put in this strategy, it will be quite economical to deal with only those accounts that are interested. It’s therefore crucial for any business to find other marketing strategies in which tracking progress will be quite easy.

Account-based marketing is a marketing strategy which can be used for successful marketing campaigns. However, as seen above, this strategy may not be effective when implemented alone. Therefore it is quite advisable to use it alongside other marketing strategies. Only by doing that will you be guaranteed of reaping maximum benefits. Otherwise, using this strategy solely on your business will be quite risky.

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