We put your advertising in the right place

Our team of software engineers developed and refined a way to identify who is ‘in-market’ to make a purchasing decision in a relatively shorter period of time. Clients that we have worked with have seen a significant decrease in their sales cycles by incorporating the use of our data.

With over 400 million professionals in our database, we are able to track behaviors every 25 minutes to truly understand where people are on their journey to make a decision. From there, we are able to build hyper-personalized campaigns based on the specifications provided to incorporate a faster win rate for our clients.

With this technology, we are able to identify visitors on your site that had neither opted in to receive any promotional material or abandoned the cart. Understanding this allows a considerable increase in the number of leads produced that already have expressed an interest.

These are a couple of findings of a handful that will greatly benefit your bottom line.

Ultimately this will create more awareness and generate leads that result in getting more calls, messages, appointments, and sales.

Contact us if you feel that this may benefit your situation and we can explore any opportunities.