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Landing Page Optimization

Your landing page may either be an existing page on your website, or a dedicated landing page with content tailored towards a specific promotion you are running.

We optimize the content based on what part of the marketing funnel your target audience is in, keeping your campaign goals in mind every step of the way.

Landing page optimization includes both design and copy creation to ensure consistency between your website, brand message, and ad copy.

Bidding Management 

Managing and monitoring bids is essential to maintaining a healthy PPC campaign. We follow a methodology in order to define bidding strategies for our clients.

The bidding strategy is largely determined by the goal of the campaign, as each goal requires a different bidding strategy.

Ad Copy Optimization

This step is creating and optimizing the copy to be used for the campaign. During this process, we utilize the keywords we identified and create various permutations of the same ad.

This allows us to test various ads against each other to determine which yields the best ROI. Ad copy optimization never ends as the audience and the industry trends continuously change.

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