Is LinkedIn’s Native Video Advertising Right for Your B2B Company?

Native Video Advertising
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A recent study by Forbes showed that about 75% of business executives prefer to watch work-related videos on business websites than to watch such content on other websites. This means that a B2B advertiser that targets business websites for marketing has more opportunities to improve sales.

Traditionally, video advertising is an important strategy for marketing and driving sales. They improve sales’ momentum and they create awareness. However, this can be enhanced by uploading videos on websites with targeted and relevant audiences. LinkedIn offers such a platform to B2B marketers through the LinkedIn’s Native Video Advertising & Video uploading product service.

Native Video Advertising

Allow a B2B marketer to create and upload rich visual content that promotes their products. The videos are then uploaded to the LinkedIn platform and on autoplay; the business community on the platform will actively interact with the products.

With the LinkedIn native video advertising, a B2B advertiser is able to make accurate targets with their ads, therefore increasing their visibility to relevant audiences. This is expected to improve traffic to a business’ website and ultimately improve its ROI.

However, different businesses have different objectives and goals. LinkedIn native video advertising could be a worthy investment to one business but not another. Therefore, a B2B marketer needs to consider all the merits and demerits of adopting this tool as part of their marketing strategy.

Merits of Adopting LinkedIn’s Native Video Advertising

Most importantly, native videos are more engaging than regular videos. Compared to embedded videos on LinkedIn, native videos will get more audience. This is because the videos are outplayed and the users can watch the videos immediately they are displayed on the page. Unlike the embedded videos that will require the user to click on a link to watch the video on a different platform.

LinkedIn is typically a platform for business and business enthusiasts. While other platforms and sites can be overwhelmed with memes and entertainment, LinkedIn is focused on business only. B2B Marketers will get relevant audiences here.

Another added advantage of using native video advertising on LinkedIn is its analytical capability. LinkedIn offers useful demographic data that are useful for improving a business marketing strategy. They can get specific data such as job title, job function, or the position of people who watch the videos.

Furthermore, if you are a B2B advertiser on LinkedIn but using embedded video links, you will miss many opportunities, as LinkedIn will give priority to native video uploads. The native video uploads get more views and preferences by the LinkedIn users and this means the visibility of embedded videos are likely to drop.

The Demerits of LinkedIn’s Native Video Advertising

LinkedIn’s Native Video Advertising is quite new. It is still undergoing many improvements and some of its features may not meet the needs of some marketers. Before choosing to upload ads video, a B2B advertiser needs to be aware of these shortcomings of the platform.

The native video uploading platform on LinkedIn does not have additional picture quality settings nor playback speed. Once you upload a video, you are not able to improve its quality and viewing experience.

The videos uploaded on LinkedIn natively can only be consumed within the site. You will not be able to embed the video links on other sites. This is very limiting and time-consuming, as you will need to create different videos for the same product if you want to advertise on more than one site.

The videos are played alongside all the LinkedIn content. There is no specific tap for videos on LinkedIn. This makes it hard to search specific video content unless the users spend enough time to scroll through a number of posts.

Finally, companies cannot post or upload the videos; members can only upload them. This is limiting to businesses who seek to sell their products to other businesses and not individuals.

Parting Shot

Despite the shortcomings of LinkedIn native video adversities for B2B companies, it is worth giving a try. You can upload a video directly on the platform instead of linking it out on an embedded video. Include relevant keywords and hashtags in your post so that you can easily track your video and analyze your marketing performance. LinkedIn avail user statistics that a B2B marketer can use to improve their content from time to time for relevance and visibility.


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