MultiLingual Support & Translation Services

Advertera Multilingual Support Services provides fluent, native speakers of English, Spanish French and many more languages. Need other languages? We have that covered! Advertera also has longstanding relationships with real-time interpreting services that speak, read or write more than 170 languages and dialects, our call center services are available 24/7/365. The global business landscape is changing. This intensifies the need to provide services and support to customers throughout the world. Your business must cater to more than just English‐speaking prospects and customers.



At Advertera, we offer a wide variety of translation services, from document translation and manual translation. The need for translation is a staple of the international business world, and our translation services can help keep your business accessible for all languages and cultures. Our document translation services are available in over 170 languages with an extremely high level of accuracy and efficiency. With translation services from Advertera, you get top tier customer service, consistent quality, personalized customization, and cost-effective efficiency.


If you need to go beyond basic translation, you are likely looking at the multilingual service of localization. The localization service includes taking translations and adapting them for a specific culture, context, or location. Localization is necessary for websites that are going to be deployed in different languages and cultures, providing a vastly improved user experience for your customers.

Localization services from Advertera include:
• Content discovery
• Translation in your website’s original layout
• Advanced dynamic site management
• Global SEO



One of the most popular and important a multilingual service is interpretation. At Advertera, we have a large staff of qualified interpreters that are ready to meet all of your interpretation needs. This includes phone interpretation, video interpretation, on-site interpretation, and even sign language interpretation. We work with native speakers and industry experts to provide the most accurate and high-quality interpretation services.

Advanced Multi-Lingual Response

For frequent multilingual needs, your calls can be handled directly by a Advertera agent who speaks Spanish or French fluently. Our interpreter services can easily join the call providing seamless communication among all three parties

  • Key Benefits

    o    Expand Your Customer Base

    o    Increase Sales Capabilities

    o    Provide Support to NonEnglish Speaking Callers

    o    Live Multilingual Agents Fluently Converse With Your Callers

    o    Monthtomonth Service Agreements

    o    Uninterrupted Service

    Key Features

    o    24/7 Multilingual Agents Available

    o    Spanish, French and many more languages-speaking Agents Available Inhouse

    o    3rd Party Interpreter Services for over 250 Languages and Dialects

    o    Services Customized to Your Time Zone

    o    Provide Language Preferences For Your Callers

    o    Customized Scripting

    o    Tollfree Phone Numbers Available

If you are looking for multilingual services, Advertera is the best in the business. For more information on our services, get in touch with us at or contact us online today.

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