How to Build Branding Through Content Marketing

We are surrounded by content which makes it difficult to see the difference between different brands. Content from different companies in the same field tends to be very similar. Without a logo most people would not be able to tell companies apart, perhaps even you wouldn’t be able to tell which one is yours. When it comes to building your brand with content marketing, it is important that your brand stands out in some way.

When a company is just starting out, content marketing can seem like the last thing you’d want to focus on. Yet it is what sets your brand apart from all the other. Content can be used to explain your brand, your ideals and establish your brand identity and your brand voice. Branded content is much more popular than marketing ads especially because of social media. With content that reflects your brand’s identity you will be able to reach your intended customers much easier. Some things that you can focus to find your brand voice are:


The vision of your organization should guide you and your employees when you create content. This will give your branded content a distinct voice. Branded content should bring across your organization’s core values and goals. These added to the unique perspective of your company and your expertise is a great way to reach your customers and help them with any problems they might face.


While you might know exactly what the vision of your company is, it is just as important that your employees do too. Defining your brand’s voice to your employees helps them to create cohesive branded content. Just as a person, some aspects of your company need to be focused on more than others, you should define those clearly. Your content can have a quirky personality to help it stand out among your customers.


Customers should be made aware of the value of your products or services. With branded content you can attract new customers while reminding people already using your brand about the value of your offerings. This can be done case studies or white papers too, but the objective should be to make your company more customer centric.

If your products or services are very technical it is helpful to remember that your customers might not be experts. Explaining your products and services in easy language is helpful to reach more people. Content that explains how to use some of your existing products or new offerings, or tips and tricks to increase the value are helpful. This is how your business and your customers can change your relationship from a mere transactional one to one that is more customer centric.

Content marketing is one of the most effective B2B marketing strategies today and its importance is only increasing. Recent data shows that up to 28% of the marketing budget is allocated to content marketing by many B2B companies. Content marketing is a great way to reach your customers and share your brand’s identity. However, that will only be successful if you have successfully identified your own company’s voice and made sure it is understood by all your employees. With a set vision and voice, making your customers aware of the value of your products and services with branded content should be much more effective.

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