Slash Your Customer Acquisition Costs By Capturing Up To 40% Of Your Lost Website Visitors In Less Than A Week

Maximize your ad spend and marketing dollars by recovering your bounced visitors and reactivate them into more sales.

On Average the typical website converts less than 3% of their visitors

Which often leads to frustration because more of your marketing budget is being blown through in hopes to getting more people willing to invest in what you have.

What businesses don’t realize is that there are major gaps in their marketing and sales process.

Creating a marketing mix that spreads out like a dog on a hot summer day is great to maximize the potential of getting in front of your ideal target.

Here is an example to help illustrate mathematically… Time to nerd out on you.

1000 Visitors land on your website or landing page.

10 Appointments Generated

~2 Brand Spanking New Customers!

Then wait a second… something happened. *GASP*

You think, “What happened to the other 97% of the people that came to that page and went rogue? They saw what I have and at least are aware of my business. That is the first step of the buyers journey. What if it’s possible to capture more of those visitors? This would greatly improve the sales team and I could give them more opportunities to handle.

Let me draw this out on the whiteboard to help visually see this dilemma.

Oh... This Isn't Good and It Can Be Greatly Improved

Either more traffic from the ad platforms can be sent to the website or the content can be tweaked and split tested in order bump up the numbers.

However, still doesn’t fix the fact that all those people are still leaving.

If people are being known in the buyers journey and can being able to connect with them at the right time with the correct solution.

That would change the vastness of new business accumulated and be able to scale when needed to.

3 Steps to Simplifying The Sales Process From Rogue Visitors to Customers

The process of turning your rogue visitors into long-term, loyal customers.​

What It Looks Like After Implementation

1000 Visitors land on your website or landing page.

~485 Identified of the Non-Action Takers

14 new appointments generated through follow up.

20% Close Rate

Imagine This Alone Will Increase Your Revenue

  • Without the need to increase your ad spend or marketing
  • Without adding anymore cumbersome sales processes
  • And most importantly, without having to wait for results way down the line.

Reason Being… They Have Already Expressed Interest

However, receiving the data is one thing. If you have a proven sales process then it just becomes plug and play.

If you don’t have something in place or want use the campaigns we create for you then these are some ideas you can use the data for.

Why You Should Take Advantage Of This Offer

Reduce Your Ad Spend

Squeeze the most out of your ad spend or marketing dollars by capturing more of what your are sending to your site. 

Become Platform Agnostic

You can save money by driving the cheapest amount of traffic from Facebook or Google and capture as much of their database as possible. Then turn around and feed that data to retarget the people that have shown interest.

Unparalleled Match Rate

Facebook and Google has a match rate around 25%, however, by adding our technology to your marketing mix you will increase that up to 95% and tap into hidden audiences.

Relationship Building At Scale

Know exactly who landed on what page to tailor the buyers journey to suit their needs and progress them further to making the decision to buy. 

What Makes Us Different

We went to great lengths to ensure the compliance with United States, Europe, and other countries that are able to utilize the service we are offereing.

It doesn’t matter if you are eCom or a technology company. As long as you have people visiting your website then you are able to acquire the data using our database and a wide range of parameters.

Unlike other companies that offer you a business name and send you a list of a few decision makers, we provide you with the names, emails, profiles, Sha256, and many others.

Data is our thing but without systems then it just sits there with no where to go. If you don’t have one then we can build one out for you.

Its your data… keep it and use it as many times as you wish in multiple campaigns to maximize its potential.

Our Pricing


Per Month


  • 50 Rogue Visitor Leads
  • Ai Code Install & Set Up
  • Account Management
  • White Glove Set Up
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Per Month


  • 100 Rogue Visitor Leads
  • Email Sequence Set Up
  • Ai Code Install & Set Up
  • Account Management
  • White Glove Set Up
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Per Month


  • 300 Rogue Visitor Leads
  • Email Sequence Set Up
  • Facebook Ad Retargeting Set Up
  • Ai Code Install & Set Up
  • Account Management
  • White Glove Set Up
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Is This For My Industry?

Marketing & Advertising Agencies

Looking to add an additional service that immediately impacts your client’s revenue and produces instant results.

Affiliate Marketers

Sending a lot of traffic to your site and want to increase the amount of in-market leads who have more intent to purchase.

eCommerce Brands

Reduce your ad spend and triple the amount of  people you send to your discount and checkout pages. 

B2B Businesses

Increase lead flow significantly to your landing pages and efficiently scale your appointment generation process by tapping into the people who know who you are and your solutions.


Anonymous visitors profile’s are enriched by our proprietary software.  This means you get leads from visitors that are looking at your company and your competitors. It also means they have a high propensity to buy or know someone who is interested in buying. Best of all this Saas is GDPR, CASL and CCPA compliant,

You can reach out to these anonymous visitors via email, phone or sms to complete transactions. If they visit and bounce without buying or signing up for your newsletter, we provide their  email address, name and phone number to enrich their profile!

Our data enrichment technology matches anonymous visitor information with public records using multiple sources including social media, property records, business databases and more. The result is increased revenue opportunities for your business!

Our competitions are based on IP Resolution and identifies the companies.  They take that information for the client and find the decision makers within that company to sell back to the client. Example: Directors, Presidents, C-Suite, etc.

What we do is whoever comes across your site we have that ping our database and cross reference to match who exactly visited. Not just the company but the exact person.

By giving you the exact person looking at your service or product is further along the buyers journey and is in a lot better position of taking the next step as opposed to someone else on the list that hasn’t a clue.

The types of data points that you can get range from the basic set of personal identifiable information such as name, email, phone number to social profiles, automobile information, psychographic profiles: religion, politics, race, interests and so on. 

We are working on having over 500 different parameters to understand the customer profile properly in order to market more effectively.

You can run campaigns in multiple channels in your marketing mix. From email as a core component to sms and advertising. 

We have a super graph with over 1+ trillion data points and have a database of over 280 million people that we own which makes it first party data. Therefore we can utilize this data. This complies with the CCPA and CAN SPAM laws.

Like I mentioned before, for B2C and to comply with their laws you are able to email up to 2 times, but are able to retarget with advertising until they optin to a main list.

For B2B, on the other hand, you are able to keep them on an email campaign until they unsubscribe. The principle applies when retargeting through ads.

What We Are Looking For

To see if it is a good fit these are the criteria we are looking for:

1. Your website needs to have 5,000 or more visits consistently every month

2. Your product or service needs to be proven within the marketplace.

Who this is not for:

1. Invalidated offers or testing purposes.

2. Companies targeting outside of the United States.

Next Steps

If you feel this is a good fit then go ahead and either pick a plan that is right for you or book a call and we can discuss more on how this can be tailored to your business. 

This is a no obligation call and to see where you are at in your business and where you are wanting to take it. 

If it makes sense to move forward then an additional call will be to cover any additional information regarding the program.

Thanks you and look forward to helping your business.